FEIN manufacturer's warranty statement

(As at 1 January 2020)

Every FEIN power tool is thoroughly tested and checked and is subject to strict quality controls carried out by FEIN's own quality assurance team. Contractual or statutory guarantee claims against the seller are not affected by this manufacturer's warranty.

The FEIN manufacturer's warranty is granted under the following conditions:

  1. The warranty period is two years for end consumers. If used commercially, the warranty period is one year. The warranty periods start on the date when the first user purchases the product.
  2. The following are excluded from warranty:
    • a. Tool parts, which are subject to wear resulting from regular use or other forms of natural wear (carbon brushes or armatures, for example) and therefore have a limited service life, as well as other damage to power tools, which can be traced back to wear resulting from regular use or other forms of natural wear. Cases where high loads mean that the service life is reached before the warranty period has expired are not therefore deficiencies and are not covered by the FEIN manufacturer's warranty.
    • b. Damage caused by force majeure such as fire, explosion, falls, lightning, extreme environmental conditions and other elementary damage.
    • c. Deficiencies that can be traced back to failure to observe the operating notices, improper user, overload or inadequate maintenance or care.
    • d. Damage resulting from use of spare parts, attachments or accessories and other complementary products, which are not genuine FEIN parts as the use of such parts could play a part in causing the damage pattern and/or in the emergence of such damage.
    • e. Products that have been modified or added to.
    • f. Power tools that have been partially or completely dismantled; these cannot be presented or sent in for warranty.
  3. FEIN can choose to remedy a recognised warranty claim as it sees fit in one of two ways: firstly, FEIN can repair the tool for free for the user and secondly, FEIN can replace the defective tool with an intact one (under some circumstances with its successor model). Replaced parts or tools become the property of FEIN.
  4. The warranty claim must be made within the warranty period as laid down in Item 1. Claims must be made by presenting or sending in the entire tool in question to the seller or a FEIN warranty workshop along with the original receipt, which must contain the date of purchase and product designation.
  5. Parts of a tool replaced under warranty have a new, standard warranty period of 12 months, which starts when the repaired tool is handed over to the user. Any parts not replaced are not affected. The warranty period for the rest of the tool is neither extended nor replaced as a result of the claim.
  6. When sending in parts, the sender (purchaser) assumes the transport risk and costs. Alternatively, the purchaser can choose to use FEIN’s collection service if such a service exists in the country in question.
  7. Services relating to this warranty declaration are rendered solely by FEIN and companies expressly authorised by FEIN.

3-year FEIN PLUS warranty:

(As at 1 January 2020)

  1. For all FEIN power tools, belt grinders, lithium ion batteries and associated chargers purchased from authorised dealers on or after 1 January 2020, the warranty period stated in the FEIN manufacturer's warranty statement will be extended to 3 years for first purchasers (users) if the purchaser registers the product within 6 weeks of purchase. Unless subsequently regulated otherwise, the conditions of the FEIN manufacturer's warranty statement apply to the 3-year FEIN PLUS warranty.
  2. The warranty period cannot be extended beyond 3 years as part of the “3-year FEIN PLUS warranty”.
  3. The following products are excluded from the “3-year FEIN PLUS warranty”: FEIN high-frequency power tools, AccuTec screwdrivers, balancers, pipe processing tools, compressed air tools, NiCd and NiMH battery packs, the relevant chargers and product packaging such as cases. These products are still covered by the FEIN manufacturer's warranty.
  4. Products bought and used in a country not participating in the “3-year FEIN PLUS warranty” programme are excluded. To see whether a country is covered, go to warranty.fein.com.
  5. In addition to the criteria listed in Point 2 of the FEIN manufacturer's warranty, a product can be excluded from the “3-year FEIN Plus warranty” if a similar deficiency has been reported three times for one particular product.
  6. Products that have already been registered and sold on (second-hand products) are excluded from the programme. The purchaser of a second-hand tool cannot register the tool again for the “3-year FEIN PLUS warranty” programme.
  7. The original purchaser must register the tool online at warranty.fein.com. Alternatively, the seller (dealer) can handle registration with the consent of the customer. Confirmation is provided by the proof of registration and the original till receipt, which shows the date of purchase. The registration process can only be completed if the customer consents to the data provided being stored.

Warranty Benefits:

  • Extension to warranty
  • Reliable function guaranteed
  • 3-year FEIN PLUS warranty
Warranty hotline
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