FEIN Starlock accessories are proven to last many times over that of comparable competitor blades, offering enormous value when comparing price to the life-time of the blade. That’s precisely why many thousands of professional British tradesman buy with us. That said, we at FEIN UK have listened to requests for assortments of accessories in ‘blister pack’ form, and responded with five value packs, recognised with the orange backing card.

The Best of Easy-Cut blades - Our best-selling pack

The most popular pack of cutters in the FEIN range containing (duplicate removed) six of the best cutters in the range. 4 blades belong to the ‘Easy -Cut long life’ family, offering high cutting speed, unaffected by accidental contact with masonry or nails (up to 4mm). 2 blades are from the ‘Easy-Cut universal’ family, offering similar properties to hacksaw blades, suited for wood cutting and sheet metal up to 2mm thick.

Order no. 3 52 22 952 30 0
Best of Flooring Set

A 3-part set for floor renovation work such as shortening door jams, the accurate machining of parquet boards, and the cutting of skirting boards once fitted. It can also aid in removing adhesive residue, elastic sealing materials or leftover carpet cleaning.

Order no. 3 52 22 952 22 0
Best of Tile/Bathroom Set

A 3-part accessory set for many common renovation/repair jobs in sanitary facilities, such as cutting tile joints quickly, delivering tile repairs in tight corners and edges, or rasping off adhesive before laying new tiles. Also you can replace tile joints in their entirety or saw off surplus metal installations so they are flush with the wall.

Order no. 3 52 22 952 25 0
Best of Window work or Universal Set

Both sets contain accessories which enable grinding close to the edges and corners without kick-back, enables the sawing of all timber materials (Inc. nails/soft materials) without overcutting into the edge area. The window set will also help remove old brittle putty off glass retaining strips without the risk of breaking the glass.

Order no. 3 52 22 952 23 0
Order no. 3 52 22 952 24 0
And that’s not the only value to be had on Starlock,
check these deals out.
Hex Bin – The 157 Bi-Metal blade (Our best-selling single blade)

This bi-metal blade is great for precise, thin cuts with fine teeth to enable you to deliver work with sheet metal up to 2mm in thickness, including aluminium profiles and copper pipes. It’ll also help deliver cuts into deliver wood, fibreglass reinforced plastic, and other hard plastics.

Best of Renovation pack

Our best all-purpose 34-part accessory set containing various sawing and cutting blades, circular and small triangular sanding pads and sheets. It also contains segmented blades, a file for metal and grouting work, and a scraper blade.

The perfect toolbox filler to keep you going for a while, and fulfil a wide range of applications with the multi-tool.

Order no. 3 52 22 942 06 0
Best of sanding pack

Our largest accessory set deal, and ideal for multi-tool users depending on the machine to deliver sanding work on corners and edges on a regular basis. The pack provides large circular and small triangular pads, with 16 accompanying pads of various GRIT levels. We have also thrown in a triangular carbide rasp too.

Order no. 3 52 22 942 04 0
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