GSZ 4-90 EL

Straight Grinder, 8 500/min

GSZ 4-90 EL
GSZ 4-90 EL
GSZ 4-90 EL
GSZ 4-90 EL
GSZ 4-90 EL
GSZ 4-90 EL

GSZ 4-90 EL

Straight Grinder, 8 500/min

Extremely ergonomic die grinder for stainless steel processing with high plunge depth for light grinding and polishing in especially difficult-to-reach spots.

Product number: 7 223 25 60 00 0

GSZ 4-90 EL

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  • Long narrow neck and maximum diameter of 210 mm allows tool to plunge a long way into workpieces (e.g. grinding inside pipes).
  • Innovative collets with all-round flange to protect the workpiece and prevent the wrench sliding off during tool changes.
  • Variable speed allows different tools to be used.
  • Motor and electronics protected against metal dust.
  • Removable rubber collar bearing cover.

Technical data

Technical data
350 W
170 W
Speed, no load
3,500 - 8,500 rpm
Polishing disc Ø
50 mm
Grinding wheel for max. Ø
20 mm
Collet for max. Ø
6 mm
Max. cutter diameter
12 mm
Cable with plug
5 m
Weight according to EPTA
1.50 kg
Vibration and sound emission values
Sound pressure level LpA
83 dB
Uncertainty of measured value KpA
3 dB
Sound power level LWA
94 dB
Uncertainty of measured value KWA
3 dB
Sound peak value LpCpeak
95 dB
Uncertainty of measured value KpCpeak
3 dB
Vibration value 1 αhv 3-way
1,0 m/s²
Uncertainty of measured value Kα
1,5 m/s²


Manual instruction

PDF 11,27 MB

Download Manual instruction (11,27 MB)

Price includes

  • Jaw spanner SW17
  • 1 collet Ø 6 mm
  • Jaw spanner SW13


well suitable
well suitable
well suitable
well suitable
well suitable

Product feature

  • Long neck

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