Fillet weld grinder

With the FEIN fillet weld grinder, FEIN expands its range of tools for machining stainless steel surfaces. The small, flat and ergonomic tool precisely and quickly machines fillet welds following welding. You can use it to level, sand and polish as well as remove scratches and unevenness with precision, right into the smallest angles and corners. The speed can always be perfectly adapted to any application and the genuine FEIN accessories deliver perfect results without the need for rework. Tarnishing can be quickly removed without damaging neighbouring components by using the fine fleece disc. Sand fillet welds to the desired profile using the medium fleece disc. The profiles of the fleece discs can be changed using a profiling stone. Fillet welds can be polished to a mirror finish using the felt disc and polishing paste. Thanks to the high plunge depth and the tool's rotatable drive head, you can even work in difficult-to-reach spots.