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HighPower battery pack

HighPower Li-ion battery with cells capable of handling high currents, charge status indicator and FEIN SafetyCell technology. Continually high power output with 75% higher current rating than a Li-ion battery. Recommended for FEIN cordless magnetic core drills and cordless angle grinders. Can be used with all FEIN 18 V cordless tools.

Current/Voltages 18 V

Capacity 5,2 Ah

Suitable for:
AKBU 35 PMQW (AKBU 35 PMQW)AKBU 35 PMQW Select (AKBU 35 PMQW)CCG 18-115 BL Select (CCG 18-115 BL)CCG 18-115 BL (CCG 18-115 BL)CCG 18-125 BL Select (CCG 18-125 BL)CCG 18-125 BL (CCG 18-125 BL)CCG 18-115 BLPD Select (CCG 18-115 BLPD)CCG 18-125 BLPD (CCG 18-125 BLPD)CCG 18-125 BLPD Select (CCG 18-125 BLPD)CCG 18-115 BLPD (CCG 18-115 BLPD)