FEIN accessories for sanding.

High sanding capacity, very good sanding pattern, little clogging, best service life.

Backing pad

For use in very narrow and hard-to-reach spots in channels, grooves, openings and rabbets. Also for mold-making, on curves and in slots. Plastic carrier plate to prevent damage and marks on the workpiece.
Finger shape, H&L surface.

Which saw blade mounting do you need for your tool?

Limit the selection of saw blades by activating the filters.

Which accessories fit which tool?

Simply make a compatibility check.

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FEIN Dust Extractor

With the premium class dust extractors, we have developed a system perfectly suited to FEIN power tools. The high-quality filters are fully automatically cleaned with the AutoClean system AC and are easy to access from the outside. The new storage area is suited to all common case systems.

FEIN Dust Extractors
Compact class
Premium class
Dustex 25 L Dustex 35 L Dustex 35 LX Dustex 35 LX AC Dustex 25 MX Dustex 35 MX AC
Compact class Premium class
Dust class L L L L M M
Coarse dirt
Fine dust
Dusts harmful to health
  • small amounts
  • large amounts
  • very large amounts