In 1967, we invented the oscillating power tool. Since then, we have been continued developing our machines and accessories over the last 50 years. Consequently, we can now offer the most comprehensive system for interior construction and renovation on the market. Numerous patents, such as the one for vibration decoupling, testify to our unique expertise in the production of power tools. Our Starlock tool mounting once again confirms our substantiate our place as the leader in the oscillating multi-tools sector, and we continue to set standards. We do not regard tools and accessories as separate elements. Neither can achieve peak performance without the other. That is why we have developed a system that combines their strengths perfectly. Our high-performance oscillating multi-tools are combined with the most extensive range of accessories on the market to open up an exceptional range of applications. The interplay between them guarantees outstanding precision, maximum convenience, exceptional cutting speed, and perfect results. In short, it always provides exactly the right solution for thousands of professional applications.