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Grinding belts, type Z

Grinding and deburring for steel and non-ferrous metals that also satisfies the highest demands. Developed in cooperation with professional users, this belt stands out especially due to its long service life, performance and value. Heavy polyester fabric, full resin bond with zirconium aluminum oxide.
3 x 79 in [75 x 2,000 mm]

GX 75 2H (GX 75 2H)GX 75 2H (GX 75 2H)GI 75 (GI 75)GI 75 (GI 75)GI 75 2H (GI 75 2H)GI 75 2H (GI 75 2H)GIMS 75 (GIMS 75)GIMS 75 (GIMS 75)GRIT GKS 75 (GRIT GKS 75)