Interior construction, installation, renovation

A broad range of sanding, sawing, cutting and drilling products ensures perfect results – both with mains-powered and cordless tools. And oscillating multi-tools such as the FEIN MultiMaster play a prominent role in this.

Consistent precision in series. Suitable for all screw applications in drywall including high strength gypsum-fiber and fire-rated gypsum boards.

Deck screwdrivers

Extremely light, compact and powerful: FEIN ABH 18 cordless rotary hammer drill.

ABH 18

Cordless grinder for interior constrcution!

CCG 18-125 BLPD Select

CCG 18-125 BLPD Select

Cordless angle grinder, 5 [125] in[mm] dia.

Dust-resistant and powerful cordless angle grinder with dead man's switch for effective cutting, grinding and deburring work in installation use.