The FEIN MultiMaster sets the standard for oscillating power tool excellence. The FEIN MultiMaster has proven itself millions of times around the world for 50 years and satisfies even the highest demands. It is equipped with everything needed to make tough day-to-day work a little easier, safer and better, and excels due to its unrivaled quality, resilience and service life. Due to its innovative anti-vibration technology, it is smoother-running, more powerful and quieter than its predecessors and you can combine with the entire range of Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories. The FEIN MultiTalent: the best entry into the professional class. The FEIN MultiTalent is the first choice for everyone who is looking for a cost-effective professional tool that is great value for money, but will not compromise on quality or performance. This universal tool system for interior construction and renovation can be used with almost the entire range of Starlock and StarlockPlus accessories and sets standards for all oscillators on the market with its wide selection of original accessories.