JMU 137-2 QW

Universal magnetic core drill up to 1-3/8 in [35 mm]

JMU 137-2 QW

Universal magnetic core drill up to 1-3/8 in [35 mm]

Small, long-stroke, 2-speed universal magnetic core drill with forward / reverse rotation and high-speed for efficient twist drilling on the construction site.

Product number: 7 270 58 61 12 0

JMU 137-2 QW

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  • Extremely resilient design due to solid machine construction with pivoting motor cable protection sleeve. Designed for heavy use in trade and industry.
  • Perfect power-to-weight ratio, thanks to compact, weight-optimized design and FEIN 1100 W high-performance motor with tacho electronics for high speed stability for reliable and efficient operation.
  • Universal use, such as mag base drilling, twist drilling, tapping, countersinking, and reaming is possible due to forward / reverse rotation, electronic speed setting and a 10-1/4 in [260 mm] stroke.
  • Small, with mechanic 2-gearbox for twist drilling.
  • Simple and error-proof control concept in the operator's field of view.
  • Convenient magnetic holding force display.
  • High magnetic holding force.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Additional magnet switch in the drill stand.
  • Integrated coolant tank.
  • Hand feed wheel can be mounted on either side.
  • "Memory function" speed storage.

Technical data

Technical data
Power consumption
1,100 W
Power output
550 W
Load speed: 1st gear
130 - 520 rpm
Load speed: 2nd gear
400 - 1,600 rpm
Carbide cutter max. dia.
1-3/8 [35] in[mm]
HSS cutter max. dia.
1-3/8 [35] in[mm]
Cutter max. drilling depth
2 [50] in[mm]
Twist drill max. dia.
5/8 [16] in[mm]
9/16 in [M 14]
Max. countersinking dia.
1-1/4 [31] in[mm]
Reaming max. dia.
5/8 [16] in[mm]
Cutter holder
3/4 in straight shank
Cutter change
5-5/16 [135] in[mm]
Total stroke range
10-1/4 [260] in[mm]
Magnetic holding force
2136 [9,500] lbs[N]
Magnetic base dimensions
7-5/16 [186] x 2-3/4 [70] in[mm]
Cable with plug
13.1 [4] ft[m]
Weight according to EPTA
24.25 [11.00] lbs[kg]
Vibration and sound emission values
Sound pressure level LpA
85,6 dB
Measurement uncertainty of the measured value KpA
3 dB
Sound power level LWA
96,6 dB
Measurement uncertainty of the measured value KWA
3 dB
Peak sound value LpCpeak
98,9 dB
Measurement uncertainty of the measured value KpCpeak
3 dB
Vibration value 1 αhv 3-way
αh,D <2,5 m/s²
Measurement uncertainty of the measured value Kα
1,5 m/s²


Price includes

  • 1 coolant tank
  • 1 safety strap
  • 1 chip hook
  • 1 pilot pin
  • 1 chip guard
  • 1 case


Mag base drilling metal up to 1-3/8 in dia.
well suitable
Twist drills with drill chuck
well suitable
well suitable
well suitable
well suitable
Working one-handed
well suitable
Performing overhead work
well suitable
Installation work
well suitable
Workshop jobs
well suitable
well suitable

Product feature

  • Magnet holding force gauge
  • Reversible
  • Electronic speed reduction
  • Memory function
  • Speed-controlled tacho electronics
  • Tip sensor