Fillet weld grinder

FEIN rounds out its range of stainless steel surface-processing tools with the FEIN Fillet Weld Grinder. This small, handy, low-profile tool processes fillet welds quickly and accurately after welding. Even in the tightest corners and angles, seams can be leveled, ground and polished, and scratches and unevenness can be removed with precision. Its speed can be adjusted to match any application and it can be combined with FEIN accessories to achieve flawless results without rework. Heat discoloration can be removed quickly with the fine fleece disc, without damaging adjacent components. Fillet welds are ground to the desired profile with the medium fleece disc. The profiling stone sets the fleece discs to the correct shape. Fillet welds can be polished to a mirror finish with the felt disc and polishing pastes. With the deep plunge depth and the rotating arm, even hard-to-reach places can be accessed.