The FEIN magnetic drilling system.

With more than 25 years of continuous development, FEIN’s magnetic drilling technology has achieved a peak of excellence. FEIN’s 2011 acquisition of Jancy Engineering raised the bar even higher, now offering the well-known Slugger trademarked system of portable magnetic drills and annular cutters.

Now you’re leaving the FEIN website and entering the Slugger website!

An extract from our purchased parts range

  • Batteries
  • Battery cells
  • Battery charger
drive and bearing components
  • shank
  • Ball bearing
  • Balls
  • Needle bearing
Electrical parts
  • Electronic components
  • Electronic units
  • Cable insulation
  • Motors
  • Carbon brushes
  • Commutator, switch
  • wire, stranded wire
Mechanical parts
  • Punched-/bent parts
  • Sealing elements
  • Standard part
  • Turned, milled and gear parts
  • Pressure die castings
  • Precision castings
  • Springs
  • Rubber components
  • Cold forged parts
  • Plastic components
  • Sintered parts
  • metal case
  • Plastic case
  • Signs
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Core bit
  • Carbide -/ diamond tools
  • Blade
  • Polishing sponges
  • Saw blades
  • Sanding sheets
  • Backing pads
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