The FEIN magnetic drilling system.

With more than 25 years of continuous development, FEIN’s magnetic drilling technology has achieved a peak of excellence. FEIN’s 2011 acquisition of Jancy Engineering raised the bar even higher, now offering the well-known Slugger trademarked system of portable magnetic drills and annular cutters.

Now you’re leaving the FEIN website and entering the Slugger website!

Annular cutters

High Speed Steel Cutters
High Speed Steel (M2) is the standard material used in Slugger cutters. 3/4” Weldon shank. Long service life.

HSS: Titanium Nitride (TiN) Cutters
TiN coatings improve tool life by increasing surface hardness of the tool and providing greater lubricity. TiN coated cutters are ideal for applications where the material being cut is difficult to machine, or when extended tool life is desired.

HM: Carbide Cutters
Carbide tipped cutters for cutting materials that are hard to machine and for drilling at higher RPM rates when increased hole making production is desired.

For tapping your holes after you drill, Slugger cutters are available in various tap size configurations.

Thin metal cutters for sheet metal, light tubing, rubber, fiber materials and select plastics. Designed for use with hand-held drilling equipment. In HSS and carbide.

Cutters capable of drilling materials up to 3/4” thick.

Industrial arbors quickly and easily adapt Slugger cutters to most types of conventional drill press and CNC machinery.


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Cutter Coatings and Specialty Cutters

Additional options for Slugger Cutters to increase efficiency when cutting specific materials.

Titanium Carbonitride (TICN)
TICN coated cutters are practical in drilling highly abrasive or gummy materials such as brass and aluminum alloys.

M42 Cobalt Steel
Cobalt cutters are effective when drilling material with inconsistent composition. They are also valuable when increased feed rates are necessary and extending tool life between sharpenings is desirable.

Rail Cutters
Specifically designed for rail drilling. Their unique design and specially developed coating allow for faster drilling and longer life, even in the toughest rail.

ID Sharpened for Stack Drilling
ID-style cutters are convenient when drilling through multiple layers.

Pipe-Style Geometry
For Pipe and Tube Drilling Applications Cutters with pipe-style geometry are advantageous when drilling holes on curved or uneven surfaces.

Truck Frame
Truck frames are usually multi-layered and manufactured to retain extraordinary strength and durability. Frame materials are more difficult to drill so an effective way to combat this problem is to use an ID-style cutter that is also TiN coated. Combined, the resulting cutter simultaneously permits continuous drilling through layers, enhances cutting performance and extends tool life.