Positioneurs de soudage

Achieve seamless welds and increase productivity with the Roto-Star I and Roto-Star III. The Roto-Star weld positioners are designed to not only provide a stable work platform, but also allow for achieving cleaner, stronger welds. The heavy-duty construction supports works pieces up to 200 [90] lbs[kg] and Ø 1-1/2 [38] in[mm] on the Roto-Star I and 250 [113] lbs[kg] and Ø 2-1/2 [64] in[mm] on the Roto-Star III. The optional foot pedal with control box allows for hands free operation and can be easily added to either the Roto-Star I or the Roto-Star III. Work comfortably and more efficiently with a work head that can be adjusted from 0º to 90º in 15º increments to accommodate any work piece.