It’s what FEIN’s all about.

As a specialist in power tools, FEIN has the right application solution.

No matter whether the customer intends to drill, undertake screwdriving, core drill, sand, divide or saw. No matter whether the customer wants a cordless or corded product. A systematic solution.

It’s what FEIN’s all about.

As a specialist in power tools, FEIN has the right application solution.

No matter whether the customer intends to drill, undertake screwdriving, sand, saw, cut, file, scrape, polish or clean. No matter whether the customer wants a cordless or corded product. A systematic solution.

“I was particularly impressed by the SPEED WITH WHICH I WAS ABLE TO CHANGE ACCESSORIES, the LIGHTNESS, PERFORMANCE and the OPTION of setting the TORQUE with great accuracy. All in all, it’s the tool I’ve been waiting for for a long time!"

Frederic Laffont, France

Proximity to the customer. Innovative & powerful.

We work to very high quality standards and are always focused on the customer’s needs

MOTOR with virtually

We produce power tools for the future.

With more than 150 years of experience, we have unrivalled expertise in developing & manufacturing power tools. More than 800 Patents & copyrights.

More than
years of experience



“The quality and craftsmanship
of your products amaze me.”

Canada: @brianwagnerpainting on Instagram


“The MultiMaster is so FEIN,
cutting shapes is just divine.
 My house looks uncanny in every nook
and in every cranny.”


German-speaking Europe: Andreas Schmidt on Facebook


“There’s really no multi-tool that approaches FEIN.

 I’ve tried all other top brands and they
do not even come close.
 Fantastic customer service, too.”


United Kingdom: @ala_adams_a.m.a_
on Instagram about the FEIN MultiMaster


“My MultiMaster fits
 into the smallest purse.
That little FEIN is mine!”

German-speaking Europe: Mary Luuh on Facebook


“Just picked up this little beauty
after my Bosch tool gave out.
All I can say is WOW! (…)
Absolutely brilliant machine.”


United Kingdom: @safeheatingltd on Instagram
about his FEIN MultiMaster


Very simply: I love quality and
to my mind, the orange brand represents quality.”


USA: @poebuilt on Instagram about FEIN angle grinders


“You make the best professional machines.”

Hungary: Sanyi Bogdan on Facebook


“MultiMaster by my side,
when I travel far and wide. FEIN makes
my work so much fun, I just never want to be done.

From a little town comes
 so much power. These tools make work fun every hour.”


German-speaking Europe: Bert Relius on Facebook


“I’ve already bought two of your machines.

The quality and performance are flawless.
There isn’t a better power tool available.
The best.”

France: Fabien Prigent on Facebook


“Work is sheer agony without FEIN.”

United Kingdom: @paul_the_cabbie_2001 on Instagram

Our Values



We think and
act from the customer‘s point of view and develop
the best solution for them.



We are all masters of our
 trades, who proudly demonstrate their skills
 every day and perform with
superior quality and performance.



We act in a strong
unit, resolutely and consistently.



Because we can do it, we cleverly combine
human, machine and process
into superior systems.



As FEIN persons, we live and breathe
inventive spirit of our founder every day.



Everything we do creates
 sustainable value for our counterparts.



We are a family business
and place great value on collegial
 cooperation and respect for
colleagues, customers and partners.

FEIN worldwide


All FEIN power tools are designed for applications in the metal sector. Through a perfect combination of high-quality components, they are a well thought-out overall construction, guaranteeing a long service life and robustness. FEIN specialists working at the company headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau develop and produce the power tools themselves. More than 90 percent of products are manufactured in-house – for FEIN, this is what “Made in Germany” means.

FEIN power tools are subject to tough practical testing before they are launched. You and a multitude of users in various sectors worldwide benefit from our technological excellence. Not only does this make us proud, we also firmly believe that our products give users reliable power tools that they will continue to use for years to come.

FEIN history

In 1867, Wilhelm Emil Fein founded a company to manufacture physical and electrical equipment where his son Emil Fein invented the first electric hand drill almost 30 years later in 1895. This invention paved the way for highly reliable power tools, which FEIN still manufactures at its site in Germany and for which the long-standing German company is known in industry and manual trades throughout the world to this day.

FEIN has been a world-leading power tool manufacturer for over 150 years and without a doubt one of the main reasons for this is that FEIN continues to meet its own standard of only developing durable power tools with every new product innovation it creates today.

Experience 150 Years of FEIN

FEIN is renowned as a globally active company with roots in Germany that is synonymous with high-quality power tools and accessories, designed for the toughest jobs in industry and manual trades. Having laid the foundations by inventing the electric hand drill, the first power tool in the world, in 1867, Wilhelm Emil Fein founded the FEIN company. FEIN now holds more than 700 active industrial property rights, including around 500 patents and patent applications. FEIN focuses on products and services that are ideal problem solvers for metalwork and are marketed by over 16 subsidiaries and more than 50 offices around the world.

As an independent family-run business, FEIN embodies an open corporate culture, attaches great importance to human interactions and provides plenty of space for innovative ideas. The company headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau are home to the largest production site, which works in close collaboration with other sites in Asia and North America, ensuring consistently high manufacturing quality at all locations. The company employs around 800 members of staff globally, delivering a great deal of ingenuity and commitment to service, including setting future milestones in the development of premium power tool systems. This is precisely why FEIN is seen as professional – and has been for over 150 years.