Vibration reduction

FEIN stops vibrations before they start.

Vibrations are not just a nuisance, they can actually damage your health. Consequently, there is legislation limiting the amount of time a person may use a hand-guided power tool. Only machines that do not exceed a certain vibration level, the ‛exposure limit’ or ‛a’ of 5 m/s², may be used for eight hours a day. In the case of machines that do not meet this requirement, protective measures must be taken or their use must be limited. FEIN stops vibrations before they start – on the drawing board.

90 % of all FEIN power tools, such as our compact angle grinders, meet the requirements for continuous industrial use – in some cases on several levels. Instead of simply compensating for vibrations as with many competing products, they actually significantly reduce vibrations in the first place through the special design of the tool as a whole. Only devices like hammer drills, where the design and motion make it impossible to reduce vibrations within the machine, need additional aids such as anti-vibration gloves for eight hours of continuous use.

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