Interior work, installation, renovation

A broad range of sanding, sawing, cutting and drilling products ensures perfect results – both with mains-powered and cordless tools. And oscillating multi-tools such as the FEIN MultiMaster play a prominent role in this.

Consistent precision as standard. Helps you with all screwdriving applications in drywall construction, including high-strength gypsum fibre board and hard sheets of drywall.

Deck screwdrivers

Extremely light, compact and powerful. The FEIN cordless rotary hammer drill ABH 18

ABH 18

Cordless grinder for interior constrcution!

CCG 18-125 BL Select

CCG 18-125 BL Select

Akkukäyttöinen kulmahiomakone Ø 125 mm

Pölyltä hyvin suojattu ja tehokas, akkukäyttöinen kulmahiomakone tehokkaisiin katkaisu-, hionta- ja jäysteenpoistotöihin asennuskäytössä.