PC Software AccuTec ParameterControl for parameterization of the AccuTec drivers. To connect the machine to the PC, the programming adapter (9 26 04 163 02 0) with the corresponding USB cable is also required. We recommend that you regularly update the firmware on your screwdrivers to the latest version.



ASM_18-3_PC / ASM_18-8_PC / ASM_18-12_PC

ASW_18-6_PC / ASW_18-12_PC / ASW_18-18_PC

ASW_18-30_PC / ASW_18-45_PC / ASW_18-60_PC


If you require further information or 3D data, 2D data or STEP files, please contact your FEIN contact person.


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FEIN AccuTec screwdrivers are specifically designed for the tough requirements of industrial volume production. They offer very high repeat accuracy, maximum precision and enormous flexibility. Adjustable over a wide torque range, they can handle a range of different screwdriving applications while the programmable versions can tackle individual torque-rate joints. Reliable and speedy screw connections for torques of up to 60 Nm are possible with the new FEIN AccuTec ASW 18 baton offset screwdriver. In addition to the impressive maximum torque and speed, both parameters can be individually adjusted over a wide range for maximum flexibility. The FEIN AccuTec screw gun ASM with mid-mounted handle – designed to meet the most stringent speed and precision requirements. The electronically controlled motor speed keeps the nominal speed constant over a wide torque range until the cut-out torque is reached. This saves time when you're making soft screw connections. With significantly more screw connections per battery charge, the FEIN Li-ion battery also offers a longer period of use during installation work. The programmable FEIN AccuTec PC screwdrivers allow you to split complex screwdriving applications into up to seven steps. This allows the FEIN AccuTec PC screwdriver to be adapted to the individual application. This not only saves time, it also makes optimum screw connections possible.