FEIN brushless PowerDrive motors for high performance.

FEIN's brushless PowerDrive motor has no carbon brushes. This makes it extremely efficient and almost wear-free. Its low power consumption enables the user to work twice as long per battery charge.

The motor is completely protected from dust by the encapsulated housing, which increases the tool's overall lifetime.

With speeds of up to 28,500 rpm, FEIN brushless PowerDrive motors are extremely powerful.

Why choose FEIN brushless PowerDrive motors?

Very high copper fill factor for high efficiency

Large motor diameter for high torque

Very powerful sintered neodymium magnets for high torque

High speed for efficient drilling, screw driving etc.

10 mm drive shaft for robustness

How do FEIN brushless PowerDrive motors work?

The main parts of a FEIN brushless PowerDrive motor are:


The rotor, fitted with permanent magnets, sits in the centre of the motor and is permanently connected to the drive shaft. It is the rotating part of the motor.


The fixed stator surrounds the rotor and supports the copper coils.


The intelligent electronics control the feeding of current to the copper coils in the stator at staggered intervals. This generates magnetic fields that alternatively repel and attract the rotor. This causes the rotor to rotate.

FEIN PowerDrive motors – Technical data

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