Are the scratches on your chest of drawers ruining its look? Does your favourite chair need a new lick of paint? Need to fit your own new kitchen? It’s easy to complete jobs around the house, big or small, if you have some DIY skills and the right tools.

A universal power tool like the FEIN MultiMaster provides lots of options. It uses an oscillating principle of motion, so can be used to perform virtually all the jobs needed during your renovation work. All you need is the relevant attachment, which is very simple to change with a rapid clamping system.

Old paint is removed with a round backing sanding pad – a process which is gentle on the furniture and is efficient. Precise recesses for cable entry points and sockets or in work surfaces are an easy job with an E-Cut saw blade. The hardest job you face when replacing worn upholstery is pulling out all the old stuffing as it takes a lot of force to loosen the staples with pliers. Cutting and then removing the upholstery staples with a stepped HSS saw blade is much easier, faster and doesn't cause any damage.