Rather than rotating, the tool operates at 20 000 oscillations a minute. The oscillating multi-tool is ideal for driving a whole range of tool mountings and therefore for a large number of potential applications in interior work and renovation, which even manual tradesmen perform on a daily basis. The professional tool is also available with a powerful lithium-ion battery, making usage even more flexible and easier.

One tool for virtually every task

The MultiMaster has a rigid stopper knife which cleanly cuts through old carpets and plastic flooring, making it much easier to remove them. It also tackles adhesive residue and other stubborn coatings. Now the base is well prepared and the floor can be laid with an underlay with footfall sound insulation. Work can then begin on laying the tongue-and-groove laminate boards. For the first row of boards, saw off the protruding spring with the crosscut mitre saw. Then lay the boards one at a time. Lay the last board in the row at a 180 angle, mark the edge of the last but one board and saw to size. Use the crowbar and hammer to carefully join the boards at the head end so that the tongue and groove sit tightly into one another. The part left over from the last board is the first part of the next row. Warning: The boards should be knocked in at intervals of around 40 cm so the rows join correctly. The next rows are laid in the same way. The last board in the row is sawn off to match the room width and then fitted.

Recesses and adjustments

For the laminate boards to fit under the door frame, they are sawn off with the MultiMaster and a wide E-Cut saw blade. To do this, simply place one board against the door frame to serve as a guide, take the saw blade and shorten the door frame. An E-Cut saw blade is used for recesses around ventilation holes or heating pipes. Expansion joints for the wall can also easily be arranged later on. They can be fitted parallel to the wall using the FEIN depth stop and HSS saw blade even once the floor has been laid. Cases often arise where the end strips on flooring that has already been laid have to be recessed, for example if a piece of furniture needs positioning right up against the wall. The MultiMaster can easily cut the strips to size with an E-Cut saw blade.