The versatility of oscillating multi-tools makes them essential problem-solvers in woodworking trades. With the aid of different accessories they can not only saw but also sand, divide, file, cut, scrape, clean and polish. When it comes to wood sanding, they have always shown their strengths on small and medium-sized surfaces as well as on edges and in corners. Now, thanks to ever more powerful yet easy-to-handle power tools and innovative accessories, larger surfaces can be ground economically too, for example in the renovation of old buildings or floors.


Wide range of sanding tasks with a single tool

With a wide selection of sanding pads and abrasives, oscillating multi-tools replace additional tools or time-consuming manual work. The oscillating movement has many advantages over rotating backing pads. For one thing, the tool can be guided precisely and without fatigue, with no kickback on edges or in corners. Very little wood dust is swirled about, and in combination with a suction set and vacuum cleaner, it is collected up directly. Foamed backing pads also prevent marks or damage to adjacent areas, for example previously finished walls.

Accessories can be changed quickly and easily, allowing different tasks to be performed efficiently and without complication. A standard sanding pad with a triangular shape can be used on small surfaces, corners and edges, for example when renovating windows or stairs. Special sanding pads allow you to access difficult spots. For narrow spaces, for instance in the case of flaps or window shutters, a very flat sanding pad is used. Very tight spots or those located low down can be reached with a sanding finger. A profile sanding set patented by FEIN handles convex, concave and tongue-and-groove profiles. A round backing pad 115 mm in diameter grinds very effectively on medium-sized surfaces, such as doors.

Triangular sanding pad for larger surfaces

For the first time, manufacturer FEIN is presenting a triangular sanding pad with an edge length of 130 mm. With its significantly larger surface area, it removes around twice as much material as traditional triangular sanding pads with an 80 mm edge.

Until now, renovating parquet involved several individual stages: a parquet sander was used for large areas, a rotating or eccentric sander for edge areas, and an oscillating multi-tool with a small triangular sanding pad for corners and edges. With the new sanding pad, oscillating multi-tools can also grind larger surfaces quickly and with a precise sanding pattern. This makes them a viable alternative to eccentric and rotating grinders, so that only one tool is needed to grind the entire edge area.

The triangular sanding pad features the StarlockPlus tool mounting and works optimally with all FEIN oscillating multi-tools (MultiTalent, MultiMaster, SuperCut) as well as all multi-functional tools with the StarlockPlus mounting. Oscillating multi-tools from FEIN are especially suitable for machining larger surfaces, reducing vibrations by around 70% thanks to vibration decoupling.


Corundum abrasives are particularly suitable for new, untreated woods. When renovating existing floors with extremely hard varnishes and seals, zirconium sanding sheets with very high sanding capacity are used first.