Once the tiles have been chiselled off, there is still residue from the tile adhesive on the walls and floor. But you need a flat surface for the new covering. So floorers and tilers have to remove this residue. With their round backing pads, angle and renovation grinders don’t reach all the way into the corners. Or the dust extraction unit gets in the way. So the final bits of residue in the corners can't be removed. Oscillating multi-tools with a carbide sanding pad can smooth tile adhesive, plaster and fillers – and can do so right into tight corners and along edges. The oscillating motion also reduces the amount of dust compared with other machining processes.


To work faster and remove material from large areas too, FEIN has developed an enlarged rasp with an edge length of 105 mm for the SuperCut oscillating multi-tool. The triangular carbide rasp makes light work of removing tile adhesive. Compared with its predecessor, the cutting speed has been improved by 300 percent, saving the user effort and time. Concrete, cement and stone can also be smoothed rapidly and comprehensively. The FEIN SuperCut with carbide rasp can also be used in combination with a dust extraction unit, making virtually dust-free working possible. The extraction unit also allows you to work along edges and right into corners with ease.