The FEIN magnetic drilling system.

With more than 25 years of continuous development, FEIN’s magnetic drilling technology has achieved a peak of excellence. FEIN’s 2011 acquisition of Jancy Engineering raised the bar even higher, now offering the well-known Slugger trademarked system of portable magnetic drills and annular cutters.

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Jancy. The hole story.

Immersed in war in December 1943, in the heartland of America, two men were working long hours out of their small offices in Davenport, Iowa, cutting out sheet metal coverings for the U.S. Military effort. The end of World War II also brought an end to many wartime manufacturers. Not so with Jancy, military and the flourishing automotive industries continued to order sheet metal parts. By the mid-1950’s, demand had grown for a product that would bore very precisely into large and thin block metal. To respond to the growing demand, Jancy designed and produced its first cutter, the Roto-Bor. That product would eventually cut a clear path to the company’s future - manufacturing premium quality annular cutters.

Orders for the unique Roto-Bor exploded as the industrial revolution engulfed in the U.S. By the 1970’s, Jancy engineers had met yet another demand; a magnetic drill that allowed operators to bore holes with exacting precision. Orders for the magnetic drill poured in as bridge, railroad, high-rise and other heavy metal manufacturers and construction firms discovered its unique qualities.

A History of Leadership

In the early 1980’s, Jancy introduced the Slugger annular cutter line, a center- free cutter drill capable of cutting into metal several inches thick. Slugger took the world by storm, and Jancy followed this successful introduction with the launch of the JM-100 in 1990, which evolved into the JM-101 and eventually the USA-101. This product firmly established Jancy as a company which would be emulated around the world. The new lineup of Slugger Cutters offered industry substantially higher levels of effective, efficient and long-lasting annular cutters. Jancy has received more than 10 patents, since 1981.

JM-101 – one of Jancy’s first magnetic base drills. JM-101 – one of Jancy’s first magnetic base drills.

Cutting Edge Innovations

“Tough” Jancy has brought new strength to the world. Jancy’s tools were used in the most punishing environments around the dust, sand, mud, snow, sleet, rain and even underwater. They’re used to cut metal, bend metal, notch metal, drill metal and buff metal, by people working with big bridge iron to people who drill small holes into aluminum parts. Tough products that work better and seem to last forever... particularly compared to less expensive imports.

It’s that toughness that draws customers back to Jancy time after time. The engineering and manufacturing teams work constantly to refine the product line, using field input from customers guidance. Maintaining industry leadership means not resting on past success, but instead insisting on continual product improvements with literally “cutting edge” innovations. With our renowned engineering group, Jancy exclusively prepared to leads the world’s metal fabrication and tool design innovations.

Eight decades of delivering metal fabrication tools and applications the marketplace demanded has kept the Slugger brand at the forefront of our industry. Jancy continues to improve its high-stength steel product line while it is also leading charge into developing the next generation of carbide-tipped annular cutter process. Wherever the toughest heavy metalworking tools are needed, far into the future, Jancy will be there. You can count on us. The company’s commitment to building superior products, that 75 years ago men trusted with their lives still continues today. It is a commitment to the same tradition of product reliability, longevity, as well as corporate integrity and trust.

Magforce – the name says power, and this little drill delivers it in a compact size that is ideal for tight spaces. Magforce – the name says power, and this little drill delivers it in a compact size that is ideal for tight spaces.

Slugger by Fein

In January 2011, FEIN acquired Jancy Engineering, creating an alliance that provides the world’s most versatile, most reliable, and highest quality metalworking products. With the known quality and effectiveness of the Slugger cutters line, it’s a perfect fit for all that FEIN has stood for in the industry for the past 150 years.

Slugger by FEIN – A powerful brand was created.
A powerful brand was created.

Whether your job involves drilling steel, stainless, or aluminum, Slugger by FEIN has a solution to save you time and money on the job site or in the workshop. The Performance, German Quality and innovation of FEIN with the USA Quality and toughness of Jancy together bring exceptional quality and durability to every job.

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