The FEIN magnetic drilling system.

With more than 25 years of continuous development, FEIN’s magnetic drilling technology has achieved a peak of excellence. FEIN’s 2011 acquisition of Jancy Engineering raised the bar even higher, now offering the well-known Slugger trademarked system of portable magnetic drills and annular cutters.

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GI modular - GI 75

High performance belt grinder, modular expansion capability, for industrial and production applications

  • Expandable by means of add-on modules
  • Extremely robust three-phase motor allows grinding with constant rpm
  • Speed of 3000 rpm ideal for metal machining
  • Detachable swarf collector
  • Connection option for external collector
  • drive disc with polyurethane coating
  • Working height independently adjustable
  • patented belt tensioning system
  • Robust three-phase motor
  • Low vibration level

Price includes

  • 1 CEE plug (16A)
  • 1 Grinding belt 3 x 79 in [75 x 2,000 mm] (36 grit R)

Technical data

  • DescriptionSingle speed, 3 in grinding width
  • Power consumption4.0 kW
  • No load speed2,880 rpm
  • Belt dimension3 x 79 In
  • Weight143 lbs

Order No. 6 99 02 410 00 0