The FEIN magnetic drilling system.

With more than 25 years of continuous development, FEIN’s magnetic drilling technology has achieved a peak of excellence. FEIN’s 2011 acquisition of Jancy Engineering raised the bar even higher, now offering the well-known Slugger trademarked system of portable magnetic drills and annular cutters.

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Grinding belts, type S

Satin grinding belts with granulated cork for typical satin finishing. Full synthetic resin bonding, waterproof cotton fabric, elastic granulated cork for the finest surface results.
3 x 79 in [75 x 2,000 mm]

Grit 220

Qty 10

GI 75 (GI 75)GX 75 (GX 75)GI 75 (GI 75)GI 75 2H (GI 75 2H)GX 75 2H (GX 75 2H)GX 75 2H (GX 75 2H)GI 75 2H (GI 75 2H)GIS 75 (GIS 75)GIMS 75 (GIMS 75)GIMS 75 (GIMS 75)