The FEIN anniversary Edition 2017

We are celebrating 50 years of oscillating expertise – and you can reap the benefits!

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Out of conviction,
I only work
with the original

Josche Frankenberger, prop maker and furniture designer

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The best oscillating multi-tools.
Since 1967 and in the future.

The number one for interior work and renovation.

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FEIN genuine accessories

Exactly the right solution for thousands of professional and specialist jobs.

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Tools and sets

FEIN genuine accessories

The new standard tool mounting for oscillating tools.



Power transmission
Up to


less vibration
Up to


less operating noise
Up to


work progress

3 s

Tool change

FEIN genuine accessories

Only FEIN genuine accessories allow you to optimally
exploit the versatility and capacity of the FEIN MultiMaster, Multitalent, SuperCut.

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FEIN MultiMaster Top

The powerful and universal system for interior work and renovation with the most extensive accessories for a fantastic range of applications.

Best of E-Cut accessory set

Includes 6 different E-Cut saw blades with bimetallic teeth at a special price in a practical plastic storage box.