Important safety notice

Information regarding FEIN CCG 18-115 BLPD/18-125 BLPD angle grinders with dead man's switch

FEIN is sorry to inform you that some of the CCG 18-115 BLPD/18-125 BLPD devices that we have supplied may not have been produced with a dead man's switch, but with a lockable switch. This affects devices produced between June and July 2018. From a technical approval perspective, both versions – with the dead man's switch and the lockable switch – are certified and can be used safely.

The locking switch looks identical to the dead man's switch – they differ only in terms of their function. The lock function can be activated by an extra hand movement – it causes the machine to continue running even when the switch is released. Pressing the switch again unlocks it.

FEIN requests that all users check devices with model designation CCG 18-115 BLPD/18-125 BLPD.

How to check whether your device is affected:

Step 1: Serial number/material number

If you own a FEIN angle grinder with the model designation CCG 18-115 BLPD or 18-125 BLPD, you must check whether your device was produced in June or July 2018.

Step 2: Dead man's switch/lockable switch

The videos will help you to identify which switch is fitted in your device.

Lockable switch:

Standard dead man's switch:

If your angle grinder is fitted with a lockable switch, it is now up to you to decide whether you would like to keep this additional function or have your device repaired.

  • If you would like to retain the additional function, please contact the FEIN Service team responsible for your region. They will provide you with the required addition to the operating instructions that describes this additional feature. To request this, please send the serial number of your device by e-mail to the FEIN Service team responsible for your region.
  • If you would like to have your device repaired, please send it to the FEIN repair workshop that is responsible for your region. The workshop will repair your device. FEIN will pay for the shipping and workshop costs. If you have any further questions, please contact the FEIN Service team responsible for your region at

If your angle grinder is fitted the standard dead man's switch, no additional action is required.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes and ask for your understanding while we rectify this issue.