KBH 25-2 U

Hand-guided metal core drilling system up to 25 mm

KBH 25-2 U

Hand-guided metal core drilling system up to 25 mm

Hand-guided 2-speed metal core drilling system for universal use of core drills and twist drills.

Product number: 7 271 03 61 00 0

KBH 25-2 U

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  • Work up to 6 times faster thanks to innovative drilling technology: 5 mm deep centre drilling at 1600 rpm followed by disconnection of the centre bit and automatic speed change to 520 rpm to achieve the optimum cutting speed for carbide core bits. With its specially developed cutting geometry, the carbide core bit completes the desired hole diameter with little effort on the user's part.
  • Mechanical 2-speed gearbox with speeds of 0-1600 rpm for efficient twist drilling and clockwise/anti-clockwise operation for cutting threads up to M12.
  • High level of safety thanks to torque slipping clutch. Protects the user in the event of overload by disconnecting the output side from the drive side.
  • Reversible rotation.
  • FEIN high-power motor with high speed stability.
  • Variable speed control.
  • Infinitely variable electronic speed setting.
  • Speed-controlled tacho electronics.
  • Distortion-free barrel-type motor housing.
  • Carbide core drill bits with optimised service life.
  • Restart lock.
  • Wide range of accessories.
  • ** Torque slipping clutch.

Technical data

Technical data
1,200 W
680 W
Centre drilling
- 1,600 rpm
Load speed in speed 1
- 520 rpm
Load speed in speed 2
- 1,600 rpm
Torque at max. output power
50 Nm
Stall torque
50 ** Nm
Drilling diameter in steel, core drill bit
25 mm
Hole diameter in stainless steel, core drill
25 mm
Drilling diameter in aluminium, core drill bit
30 mm
Core drill, drilling depth max.
20 mm
Drilling diameter in steel, hole saws
80 mm
Hole saws, max. drilling depth
4 mm
M 12
Hole diameter in steel / stainless steel, twist drill
16 mm
Core drill holder
Width across corners
27 mm
Cable with plug
4 m
Weight according to EPTA
3.40 kg
Vibration and sound emission values
Sound pressure level LpA
81 dB
Uncertainty of measured value KpA
3 dB
Sound power level LWA
92 dB
Uncertainty of measured value KWA
3 dB
Sound peak value LpCpeak
96 dB
Uncertainty of measured value KpCpeak
3 dB
Vibration value 1 αhv 3-way
αh,D 3,5 m/s²
Vibration value 2 αhv 3-way
αh,P 5,5 m/s²
Uncertainty of measured value Kα
1,5 m/s²


Manual instruction

PDF 19,13 MB

Download Manual instruction (19,13 MB)

Price includes

  • 1 centring drill bit
  • 1 quick-action chuck Ø 3-16 mm
  • 1 additional handle
  • 1 cutting spray
  • 1 plastic carrying case


Core drilling in metal
well suitable
Sawing holes in sheet metal
well suitable
Twist drilling
well suitable
well suitable
well suitable
well suitable

Product feature

  • Reversible rotation
  • Acceleration electronics
  • Speed preselection
  • Speed-controlled electronics (tacho)
  • Torque slipping clutch

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