High frequency angle grinders

High-frequency angle grinders operate at 200 V. A frequency converter converts the mains frequency of 50 or 60 Hz to 300 Hz – the motor’s output power also increases six-fold in direct proportion to this. Thanks to the significantly higher speed of the high-frequency power tools, up to 30% more sanding capacity is attained in the metalworking and metal processing sector when undertaking sanding or deburring. An investment in high frequency quickly brings returns for metal-processing companies working in rough conditions or continuous use. Speed is considerably more stable, even when loaded, and the number of grinding discs used is reduced by up to 50%. The tremendous sanding capacity demonstrably reduces working time in production. In industrial continuous use, for example in multi-shift operation, choosing high-frequency power tools therefore always delivers better cost-effectiveness! In addition to the higher capacity, there are many benefits to using high-frequency power tools in an industrial setting. The tools are designed for maximum load handling and minimal maintenance requirements. Enjoy longer tool service lives, shorter downtimes and reduced maintenance and repair requirements.