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GRIT GI modular - GRIT GI 150

High-performance belt grinder, modular expandable, for industrial and series applications

  • Expandable because of additional modules
  • Quite robust AC motor provides grinding with steady speed.
  • Speeds optimal for metal working at 3000 rpm;
  • Detachable swarf collector
  • Connection for extraction option available
  • Drive disk with polyurethane coating
  • Work level is individually adjustable
  • Patented belt-tensioning system
  • Robust three-phase AC motor
  • Low vibrations

Price includes

  • 1 CEE plug (16 A)
  • 1 grinding belt 150 x 2,000 mm (K 36 R)

Technical data

  • Description1 speed, 150 mm grinding width
  • Input4 kW
  • Speed, no load3 000 rpm
  • Belt size150 x 2 000 mm
  • Weight82 kg

Sound- and vibration emission values please see here:

Grinding material R
It's the top grinding belt on the market, featuring superior service life and performance for considerably shorter working times. Especially recommended for machining stainless and high-alloy steel. Extra heavy polyester fabric, fully bonded with artificial resins, with zirconium corundum. Additional top layer for cooling during grinding.
150 x 2,000 mm

Order no. 6 99 03 039 00 0
Grinding material Z
It's the all-rounder for grinding and deburring steel and non-ferrous metals which also satisfies the most stringent requirements. Developed in collaboration with professional users, this grinding material features an impressively long service life and high performance and is cost-effective to use. Heavy polyester fabric, fully bonded with artificial resins, with zirconium corundum.
150 x 2,000 mm

Order no. 6 99 03 041 00 0
Grinding material A
Grinding belts with fine grit for fine grinding of metals to final finish. For the best surface results. Heavy cotton fabric, fully bonded with artificial resins, with corundum.
150 x 2,000 mm

Order no. 6 99 03 050 00 0
Grinding material S
Satin grinding belts with cork granulate for typical satin-finishing. Fully bonded with artificial resins, waterproof cotton fabric, elastic cork granulate for the best surface results.
150 x 2,000 mm


No. in pack
10 pcs

Order no. 6 99 03 115 00 0
3M™ Cubitron™ II
Precision grinding belt with ceramic grain guarantees maximum performance and service life. The evenly shaped ceramic grains produce a uniquely accurate feel during machining. The result is cool grinding without tarnishing and better surface quality.
75 x 2,250 mm

Order no. 6 99 03 151 00 0