Tried and tested technology for perfect results: sawing and milling from FEIN.

Stainless steel processors, kitchen builders, metal workers, ­processors and industry – FEIN jigsaws are perfectly designed for the high loads involved in processing steel and stainless steel: As genuine specialized metal tools, FEIN jigsaws maintain constant rpm and therefore constant cutting speed even under extreme load. The durable metal casing and unrivalled resilient gearing give these machines legendary endurance , often lasting decades. The FEIN range is being expanded with tools for pipe processing: Jigsaws for pipes of up to max. 24 in [440 mm], mainly for plant construction and community supply connections. FEIN also manufactures special pipe milling machines for pipes up to approx. 118 in [3,000 mm] dia. for plant and pipeline construction.

Background stories

The story of FEIN is the story of the invention of power tools. Learn more about the German company with a rich heritage.

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