Drywall / Deck Screwdrivers

Even in drywall applications, the FEIN name has been representing professional quality for over 40 years. For example, thanks to a new motor, ASCT 18 cordless drywall screw guns even have the power needed to screw into double-layer fire-rated gypsum boards securely. FEIN's dry wall screw guns perform more than 1 million screw connections without any maintenance whatsoever. At 25 screws per square meter, that corresponds to more than 40,000 square meters. Work with mobility and without interruptions. Using the FEIN ASCT cordless drywall screw gun 18 M, you can screw in 2,300 screws per battery charge. This corresponds to approx. 92 m² of single-layered drywall or 28 professional 98-1/2 [2,500] × 49-3/16 [1,250] in[mm] building panels. Fire-rated gypsum boards require especially high-performance screws. You can even screw into double-layered fire-rated gypsum boards without difficulty, using FEIN's dry wall screw guns. As you would expect, the same applies to gypsum-fiber boards. The accelerator switch and the robust design mean that even hard torque-rate joints in drywall applications are no problem. As a result, FEIN's dry wall screw guns are the ideal solution in all areas.