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ABLS 18 1.6 E

ABLS 18 1.6 E

Cordless sheet metal shears for up to 1.6 mm

Handy, curve-compatible cordless sheet metal shears for cutting and trimming thin sheet metal.

ABLK 18 1.6 E

ABLK 18 1.6 E

Cordless nibbler for up to 16 gauge thickness

Compact, maneuverable nibbler for roof and facade construction. Precise cuts in trapezoid and corrugated sheet metal and profiles.

PLATE BEVELERS - Bevel without compromise

FEIN Canada, the solution provider to the Canadian metalworking market, is pleased to partner with N.KO Machines - a prominent world manufacturer of high quality efficient beveling systems. N.KO Bevelers are among the world’s best, bringing innovation and a new revolutionary solution to the sphere of beveling systems.

  • High speed plate bevellers developed from many years of experience in the welding and steel fabrication industry.
  • Cost effective solutions for weld preparation that will improve your manufacturing process whether you need to bevel carbon steel, alloy ateel or stainless steel.
  • By producing precise bevels, N.KO’s equipment lays the foundation for you to produce high quality welds.
  • Choose from hand operated and automatic feed bevelers.
  • All beveling machines and accessories are only made from European and American components and are known for their premium quality. 
  • N.KO products are tested and certified for sale in Canada.

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Cutting, sawing, beveling & milling

Cutting sheet metal involves a variety of tasks and special solutions. At FEIN, you will find the right solution – for any material, any application, and any sector. FEIN values no-fatigue handling and speedy work progress. That is why all FEIN machines have one thing in common: perfect ergonomics for convenient work. Thanks to their compactness, FEIN nibblers are among the most agile, curve-compatible cutting tools available. FEIN slitting shears are used for dividing sheet metal, profiles and pipes when chips are unacceptable. They are equally suitable for sectioning and cutting. You can create even chamfers with FEIN bevelers or use them to prepare perfect welds, radii for downstream coating work, and perfect visible and functional edges.