Product requiring repair can be returned by you to your closest Fein dealer or you may send it directly to the TTS workshop.

If returning product direct to the TTS repair facility it is essential that we obtain certain information from you prior to you sending, we ask that you download the appropriate Repair Order Form from the link below:

Form for end-users of Fein products
AU – End-user Repair Order Form

Form for Fein dealers
AU – Dealer Repair Order Form

Fill out the form completely, please provide all information and fax it to 03 8795 9221.

Once your form is submitted our customer service team will log your return into our Service System.

The customer service team will contact you and supply you with a Repair Booking Confirmation number. A copy of this confirmation must be included with your return.

If the product is under warranty a copy of the purchase receipt or the FEIN PLUS warranty confirmation certificate is also required to be returned with the product.

Prior to you arranging your return we ask that you carefully package the product in a way that minimises the risk of transport damage.

Status of your repair can be obtained by contacting our customer service team on Ph. 1300 063 900 or email at

Phone: 1300 063 900