FEIN manufacturer's warranty policy with effect from 09.01.2013

Every FEIN power tool is carefully checked, tested and subject to stringent FEIN quality assurance controls. FEIN therefore provides a warranty that goes beyond the statutory warranty (one year for first purchasers/users, calculated from the date of purchase). It provides a three year manufacturer's warranty against faulty workmanship and defective materials for registered power tools, subject to the conditions below.

3 year FEIN PLUS guarantee:

The warranty period for all FEIN power tools, GRIT belt grinding machines, li-ion batteries and associated chargers purchased from an authorized dealer after 09.01.2013 is extended to 3 years, if the purchaser registers within 6 weeks of the purchase date.

Excluded from the 3 year FEIN PLUS guarantee are: FEIN high-frequency power tools, AccuTec screwdrivers, Balancers, pipe processing tools, pneumatic tools, Slugger Metal Cutting Saws, NiCad and NiMH batteries and associated chargers.

The purchaser is responsible for registration online at www.fein.com/warranty. The registration receipt, which must be printed immediately, and the original sales receipt bearing the date of purchase are valid as confirmation. Registration only takes place if the purchaser agrees to storage of the requested data.

In the event of faulty workmanship or defective material, repair will be made free of charge or - if a repair is not possible - the device will be exchanged for a new one, or a later model, if necessary.

These warranty offers do not apply to damage caused by improper use, for example a failure to comply with the operating instructions, overload, using the wrong mains voltage, wrong type of current or unsuitable accessories, or external factors such as falls and impacts. The warranty also does not cover reasonable wear and tear caused by normal use. The warranty for Li-ion batteries is limited to 700 charge cycles.

Services under this warranty policy are carried out solely by FEIN or companies expressly authorized by FEIN for this purpose.

In the event of exercise of claims arising from this guarantee, the power tool in question must be presented or returned with the original purchase receipt bearing date of purchase and model designation and the registration receipt. Partially or completely dismantled power tools cannot be accepted.

Contractual or statutory warranty claims against the seller remain unaffected by this manufacturer's warranty.

Warranty Benefits:

  • Extension to warranty
  • Reliable function guaranteed
  • 3 year FEIN PLUS guarantee
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