Dry wall screw guns

In drywall construction too, the name FEIN has been associated with professional quality for more than 40 years. Thanks to the new motor, the battery-powered drywall screw guns ASCT 18 have the power they need to reliably connect even 2-ply hard sheets of drywall. The FEIN drywall screw guns can complete more than 1 million screw connections – without any maintenance. This equates to 25 screws per square metre over an area of 40 000 square metres. Work free from the mains and without any interruptions. The FEIN battery-powered drywall screw gun ASCT 18 M delivers more than 2300 screw connections with one battery charge. This equates to around 92 m² of single-ply drywall or 28 professional 2500×1250 mm panels. Hard sheets of drywall demand a very powerful screw gun. The FEIN drywall screw guns can even be used for effortless work on 2-ply hard sheets of drywall. The same applies, of course, to standard plasterboard. Hard torque-rate joints in drywall construction don't present a problem thanks to the acceleration switch and robust design, making the FEIN drywall screw guns ideal problem-solvers – in all areas.