Drilling precision of the highest standard: both mains and battery-powered. Over 115 years ago, FEIN revolutionised manual work by inventing the first electric hand drill. FEIN power tools continue to show these unique development skills and outstanding innovative ability to this day. Both mains and battery-powered versions of the BOP drills are available with identical output. Every component is designed to deliver exceptional performance over an extremely long service life, allowing operators to complete professional drilling tasks accurately and quickly even under difficult working conditions. The concentricity of the tools makes it possible to achieve very precise results. With the maintenance-free and brushless FEIN motor and FEIN Li-ion technology, the ABOP models are as powerful as the BOP mains-powered drills. The 18 V Li-ion battery offers an ideal combination of high performance and low weight. The ABOP operates at extremely consistent speeds to deliver very efficient and powerful drilling, particularly for metal applications. With the single-sheath drill chuck and the spindle lock, a one-handed tool change presents no problems. The metal gearbox housing and the high-quality metal quick-clamp drill chuck guarantee high concentricity. Thanks to the two-finger switch with acceleration electronics, the drill speed can be adjusted to fit the job in hand. With its excellent ergonomic design and the sensitive handle, the drill sits perfectly in the operator's hand and provides the ideal conditions for fatigue-free and efficient operation.