What the trades want – FEIN reveals what the tools of the future might look like

Tradespeople across the country have had their say on what features they want the power tools of the future to have.

As part of power tool manufacturer FEIN’s #ToolsoftheFuture campaign, trades were asked which features they would like to see added to power tools in the coming years. Theft is still clearly the number one concern for tradespeople when it comes to power tools with almost 50% of suggestions regarding safeguarding tradespeople against tool theft.  Passcodes, security kill switches and finger print recognition were suggested as key features which could help to deter opportunists and reduce the number of stolen tools.

Elsewhere, increased connectivity and the use of AI were proposed to produce power tools which can read regular work patterns. This will ensure processes are smoother and more efficient with analytics feeding back instantly to prevent errors. 

The top ten features were:

  • Laser level lines
  • Finger print recognition
  • Bluetooth connectivity alerting to theft
  • Battery charge alert
  • Security kill switch
  • Nationwide logging of serial numbers
  • Work pattern analytics to improve efficiencies
  • Universal batteries
  • Built in extraction
  • Noise reduction

While some trades want to see more technology introduced, it’s clear that they don’t want the quality and robustness of their tools to be compromised. An end to cheap materials and unnecessary apps was called for with a focus instead on creating durable tools that will last well into the future.

Tradespeople also expect to see the advancement of cordless tools continue with some suggesting that site work will rely solely on battery technology in the future. Some people had simpler visions for the future of power tools, however, with one suggesting they’d be happy with a tool which you could easily fit back in the tool box it was supplied in.

Andy Mills, national sales manager at FEIN, said: “With over 150 years’ experience of manufacturing power tools, FEIN has a proud history of working closely with users to identify their wants and needs. This helps us to produce a wide range of quality products which enable processes to become more efficient and effective.

“Our #ToolsoftheFuture campaign is another example of our desire to find out what users want from their power tools and we’d like to thank everyone who got involved. We received a fantastic mix of suggestions with some trades highlighting the need for more technology and others wanting a more stripped back tool that gets the job done. As a result, there is a requirement for power tool manufacturers such as FEIN to get the balance right.

“FEIN power tools are known for their robustness and quality and it’s important that that isn’t compromised at any point. However, it’s also crucial to take into account the number of interesting features suggested when designing future tools to ensure connectivity, security and productivity are accounted for in future designs.”

FEIN is your partner for premium power tool systems

FEIN is renowned as a globally active company with roots in Germany that is synonymous with high-quality power tools and accessories, designed for the toughest jobs in industry and manual trades. Having laid the foundations by inventing the electric hand drill, the first power tool in the world, in 1867, Wilhelm Emil Fein founded the FEIN company. FEIN now holds more than 700 active industrial property rights, including around 500 patents and patent applications. FEIN focuses on products and services that are ideal problem solvers for metalwork and are marketed by over 16 subsidiaries and more than 50 offices around the world. As an independent family-run business, FEIN embodies an open corporate culture, attaches great importance to human interactions and provides plenty of space for innovative ideas. The company headquarters in Schwäbisch Gmünd-Bargau are home to the largest production site, which works in close collaboration with other sites in Asia and North America, ensuring consistently high manufacturing quality at all locations. The company employs around 800 members of staff globally, delivering a great deal of ingenuity and commitment to service, including setting future milestones in the development of premium power tool systems. This is precisely why FEIN is seen as professional – and has been for over 150 years.