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Tapping collet

Efficient thread tapping through reliable tapping drill hold on the square, preventing slipping. The tapping drill bit can be easily changed without the need for any tools. Supplied without tapping drill. Compatible with all FEIN cordless drill/drivers with QuickIN/QuickIN MAX interface.

Suitable for:
Professional set ASCM 18 QSW (ASCM 18 QSW)ASCM 18 QM Select (ASCM 18 QM)Professional set for ASCM 18 QM tapping (ASCM 18 QM)ABS 18 Q Select (ABS 18 QC)Professional set for ABS 18 QC tapping (ABS 18 QC)ASB 18 QC Select (ABS 18 QC)Professional set for ASB 18 QC tapping (ASB 18 QC)ASCM 12 Q Select (ASCM 12 Q)Professional set for ASCM 12 QC tapping (ASCM 12)ASCM 18 QSW Select (ASCM 18 QSW)