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Drill chuck

Solid metal drill chuck from Röhm with flat jaws and automatic re-tensioning. Prevents twist drills and threading drills from slipping. Clamping range of 1.5 - 13 mm. High concentricity of up to 0.35 mm for precise working. Compatible with all FEIN cordless drill/drivers with QuickIN / QuickIN MAX interface.

Interface QuickIN

Suitable for:
ASCM 18 QM Select (ASCM 18 QM)ASCM 18 QM (ASCM 18 QM)Professional set for ASCM 18 QM tapping (ASCM 18 QM)ABS 18 Q Select (ABS 18 QC)ABS 18 QC (ABS 18 QC)ASB 18 QC Select (ABS 18 QC)ASB 18 QC (ASB 18 QC)Professional set for ASB 18 QC tapping (ASB 18 QC)ASCM 12 Q Select (ASCM 12 Q)Professional set for ASCM 12 QC tapping (ASCM 12)