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Carbide core drill bit with TiAIN coating and QuickIN PLUS holder

Maximum service life thanks to TiAIN coating. Outstanding cutting performance in all common metals, 20% better work progress, reduced cutting and feed forces thanks to TiAlN coating.
Metric dimensions, cutting depth 20 mm, drilling diameter in steel up to 25 mm, drilling diameter in aluminium up to 30 mm.

  • Maximum tool life, outstanding work progress, greatest diversity of material

Suitable for:
KBH 25-2 U (KBH 25-2 U)KBH 25 S (KBH 25 S)ASCM 18 QSW Select (ASCM 18 QSW)Professional set ASCM 18 QSW (ASCM 18 QSW)ASCM 18 QM Select (ASCM 18 QM)Professional set for ASCM 18 QM tapping (ASCM 18 QM)ABS 18 Q Select (ABS 18 QC)Professional set for ABS 18 QC tapping (ABS 18 QC)ASB 18 QC Select (ABS 18 QC)Professional set for ASB 18 QC tapping (ASB 18 QC)ASCM 12 Q Select (ASCM 12 Q)Professional set for ASCM 12 QC tapping (ASCM 12)